Barbara Dennerlein - Hammond organ, footpedals, synthesizers


Studio recording
May - July 2004, Putzbrunn, Germany


(Liner Notes:) "Barbara Dennerlein allowed herself sufficient time to give musical expression to her innermost thoughts and aspirations and to capture these on this strikingly original and very personal CD. 'In A Silent Mood' provides a revealing insight into her musical personality, as she energetically celebrates the free flow of her musical ideas which mirror her remarkable career as a brilliant exponent of the organ, ideas which will certainly find an echo among her listeners. Thus her music becomes our music as well. There are no over-worked standards, no bravura Jimmy Smith-style flag-weavers, no extravagant displays of virtuosity. Instead we are treated to the inspired creativity of her own, well-crafted compositions, a colourful tapestry of melodies, suspenseful mood changes and moments of peace and tranquility. Barbara Dennerlein's playing reflects her own musical development. At home, in her own studio, in a most secluded atmosphere, free from pressure and outside interference, she allows her creativity full rein. And all the time she brings out the full sound of her unique, modified Hammond B3 organ, with its rich tonal colours and surging foot-pedal bass lines."


CD BEBAB Records 250971
(official release date: 13.09.2004)